Educational Apothegm:A strict teacher cultivates excellent students.

2019-2020 School Profile

Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Gaoxin

Brief Introduction

Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Gaoxin is an international boarding high school with a high starting point and great quality founded by Virscend Education Corporation, the largest civilian-run education group in Southwest China. Covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters, our school has established various facilities such as teaching, sports, living and management facilities with high standards. Further, with the aim of “cultivating individuals’ capability of life-long development”, our school practices the education concept of “awakening the inner forces of life, cultivating core qualities and laying the foundation for a happy life”.

"Speakers Corner" on the Campus

As a high school featuring in teaching foreign languages, the teaching goal of our school is to cultivate high school students with native intonation and pronunciation, solid foundation of   oreign languages and extraordinary ability to use foreign languages and to enhance external exchanges and broaden international vision. Moreover, foreign language teaching stresses culture-orientation, enlightenment of cultural differences, cultivation of students' inter-cultural communicative ability and the accumulation of inter-cultural knowledge. Therefore, a variety of foreign language practicing activities are carried out, including in-class activities, activities on campus, various kinds of competitions and platforms, and international exchange activities.

Students and the Principals Celebrating the New Year

Students and Faculty

Our school is a high-quality senior high school in Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu with 42 classes of 1700-odd students from Grade 10 to 12; also, students have prominent overall quality and extraordinary academic performances. Now there are 230 administrative and teaching staff members, among whom the majority is prestigious and excellent teachers from exemplary senior high schools all over the nation with great ethics as teachers, great professional attitudes and skills. Besides, some teachers are postgraduates or doctoral graduates from domestic normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education and comprehensive key universities, devoting themselves to high school education; some are overseas postgraduates from privileged universities in Europe and North America, such as Edinburgh University and University of Manchester in the U.K. and Illinois State University in the U.S.A. In sum, the percentage of teachers with a master’s degree or above is relatively high.


10th Graders in School Uniform

Speakers Corner Gathering



Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Gaoxin consists of Grades 10, 11and 12. Each class is arranged according to the national standard high school curriculum with textbooks specified by the Sichuan Education Bureau. At the start of Grade 11, students are required to choose to study either Sciences or Liberal Arts, each consisting of some different courses according to their respective concentration. Alongside compulsory courses, the school also provides over 40 elective courses, which give students the chance to explore a wide range of knowledge. Students are required to take either a 1.5 hour-long elective course or club activity on a weekly basis.


Students of Liberal Arts

Students of Science


Chinese, Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Politics,

Geography, Information Technology, Physical Education, Music


Chinese, Math, English, Physical Education, General Technology, Arts

History, Politics, Geography

Physics, Chemistry, Biology


Chinese, Math, English, Physical Education

History, Politics, Geography

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Students in English Class


To receive a diploma upon graduation, students need to take all classes in the compulsory courses and pass the Graduation Huikao Exams (known as the Secondary School Leaving Exams on www.collegeboard.org) organized by the Sichuan Education Bureau. In addition, students have to gain 8 credits in the first two years of study by taking elective courses (each worth 2 credits).

Volunteer and Evaluation

During every summer and winter vacation, each student has to receive one service certification from the community by volunteering and writing an off-campus research report.

International Communication

With official certification of Oxford AQA International Examination Bureau, our school has rich international education resources, establishing friendship with TCAPS School District in Michigan State, U.S.A., Summit Country Day School, a renowned private high school in U.S.A. and St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in Virginia, U.S.A. and carrying out international exchange activities between teachers and students.

Celebrating US-China Exchange Program

Visiting Harvard University during MUN Conferences

Chinese Culture Lecture

Clubs and Activities

With the educational objective of “cultivating individuals’ capability of life-long development ”, our school puts an emphasis on cultivating students’ comprehensive quality and abilities, actively creating study and practice platforms for students with a coverage of language, art, sports, science and creativity platforms. In addition, a wide range of practice platforms for quality-oriented education, like Speakers’ Corner, Sunshine Sports Display, Sports Festival, Chinese-English School Broadcasting Station, Art Festival, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Reading Salon, Poetry Reading, Speech and Debate, domestic and overseas Model United Nations (MUN), United States Academic Decathlon (USAD), Internship in Finance, Social Field Trip, grand competitions of some subjects and various club activities, facilitates students to grow up with wisdom and provides students with unlimited educational resources that help students develop their potentials.

Daily Routine Physical Exercise


     Debate in Progress

Classic Chinese Historical Story Interpretation

Arts Festival

Highlights of the School in 2018-2019

The School also prides itself on its highly motivated and committed students. The following students are among those who have achieved academic awards in the school year.

Luo Chuyi won the first prize of the 17th National Innovative English Contest.

Lu Yuxin won the first prize of the China World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) held by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Liu Ludan won Novice Champion of the Hangzhou Summer BP Debate Champion.

Tian Yuan won the first prize of the 2018 National English Proficiency Competition for Middle School Students (NEPCS).

Zhao Yili won the first prize of the 2018 National English Proficiency Competition for Middle School Students (NEPCS).

Deng Huichong won the national third prize of the 5th Voice of the Charm.

Li Chengxi won the national first prize of the 5th Voice of the Charm.

Zhou Tingjie won the first prize of the High School Group of the 2nd Sichuan Gold Microphone Host Competition.

Hu Xinyin won the second prize of the High School Group of the 2nd Sichuan Gold Microphone Host Competition.

Wang Xiaowo won the first prize of the Senior High School Group of the 15th National Innovative Writing Competition.

Lu Ruiyang won the first prize of the 14th Wenxuan Writing Competition.

Tang Rui got the offer from the Mathematics Department of Imperial College London (ICL).

Admission officers from dozens of the key universities of China visited our school in

October, 2019.

Tang Rui (the boy), now studying in Imperial College London, got the offer in August 2019. (Photo taken in 2017 when the principal presented certificates to the first prize winners in an English speech contest.)


Liu Ludan, determined to study biology and public health, was admitted to Grinnell College, USA in January 2020, when the devastating COVID-19 disease was spreading across the world.

Contact Information

Add: Xinhang Road, West Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.
Telephone: +86(0)28-64829630
Website: http://www.cflsgx.com

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